Friends 'Til The End
William Alderman
People tend to look down on people who are in prison, and for the most
part I understand that. I am well aware of the stigma that comes with
being a prisoner. However, contrary to popular belief, there happens to
be some really good people in prison that just made some poor choices
in life and now they are here to either fix things, or return to society the
same or worse. I'd like to prove myself a good person who is worthy of
writing to. All of my wrong doings hang on me like a heavy weight,
sometimes the guilt eats at me like a termite on a piece of choice wood
and often leaves me feeling hollow and worthless. But, I don't have to
go at this alone! I'd like to meet someone that's willing to give me a
chance, someone who knows we have each other to lean on and know
we can depend on each other in times of need.
I'm a lot of fun, you'll see! It doesn't matter who you are, what you're
into, what you look like, just write and let's build something together!
So, I'll race you to the mailbox HA-HA!

                                                            William Alderman #368491
                                                            Jackson Work Camp
                                                            5607 Hwy 71 N
                                                            Malone, FL 32445

RELEASE DATE- 06-11-23
DATE OF BIRTH- 01-22-74
AD STARTED-  01-01-16
AD EXPIRES-   01-01-17