Friends 'Til The End
Tyrone King
                                              "Let's Make The Most Of It"

I'm not here to waste your time, nor mine. I'm an easy going, happy-go-lucky guy with a great sense
of humor, who loves to write and have fun while doing so. I'm sure you will have fun writing to me too!
See, sometimes life seems so full of twists and turns, we can't tell which direction we're going, but no
matter how crazy things get, when you and I communicate, we'll have soooo much fun! All the chaos
will just momentarily slip away!
I also love to learn new things about a person. As for my hobbies,It may sound a bit surprising, but I
love "chick flicks"! I enjoy movies on the Lifetime Network and my favorite "Box Office" movies are
"The Notebook", "The Fault In Our Stars", "The Age Of Adeline", "Diary Of A Mad Black Woman",
and "As Good As It Gets". I love R&B and Classic Rock music, particularly Tears For Fears, The
Police, Daryl Hall and John Oats, Whitney Houston, and Prince. When I make parole in 2017, I plan
on going into th Real Estate Business. I would love to buy short sales and foreclosed homes, fix them
up and resale or rent them out. I am very goal oriented!
Well, enough about me. I want to know about you! What drives you? What makes you happy? What
are your goals in life? What's your definition of a "good man"? You've got my full attention! I want to
know! There's so much I would like to learn about you. So, if you want fun, purposeful communication,
"LET'S MAKE THE MOST OF IT"! I'll get back to you as soon as I get your letter, I promise.

                                                                                                Tyrone King #11221-007
                                                                                                FCC- Medium-Unit D South
                                                                                                PO Box 1000
                                                                                                Petersburg, VA 23804

RELEASE DATE- 2017-2036
DATE OF BIRTH- 10-05-71
AD STARTED- 10-14-15
AD EXPIRES-  10-24-36