Friends 'Til The End
Susie Wilk
I'm a country farm girl who loves camping, hiking, boating, basically anything
outdoors. I have a deep passion for gardening and dogs. I am looking for a
long-term friendship/support system as I will be incarcerated anywhere from
2017-2033 and I would like our friendships to continue beyond my incarceration. I
am open to different types of relationships such as encouragement, emotional
support, spiritual support, physical support, education or legal support, financial
donations, or just communication.
My goal during my incarceration is to make the most out of my time, which I have
been doing, by taking treatment groups, being a mentor, and continuing my college
education through correspondence courses via mail. I hope I can continue to
become the best person I can by using resources wisely while I'm incarcerated, so I
can obtain my dream by going home to be with my family and friends, and become
financially sound to own my own business.
I'm seeking legal help with my case as the Innocence Project has taken it, however
they can only do so much without funding. My case occurred in 1999, they charged
me only to dismiss it because they had no evidence against me. In 2006, they
brought the charges against me again, with no new evidence besides that I now had
a criminal record ( In 1999, I didn't). I was found guilty from a jury trial. I have also
been in the family court system for the past 8 years seeking visits with my child, as
he father is keeping her from me. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
If interested, write me and let me know your interests in life and what you are
seeking. Maybe we could begin communicating and see if we can build a friendship.

                                                                                 Susie Wilk #486031
                                                                                 PO Box 3100
                                                                                 Fond du lac, WI 54936

RELEASE DATE- 2017-2033
DATE OF BIRTH- 01-10-76
AD STARTED- 02-01-16
AD EXPIRES-  12-01-33