Friends 'Til The End
Shawn Goldsmith
Hello and thank you for your interest! I am limited to the number of words I am allowed here, so here
goes...I'm hoping to connect with someone to get to know and pass some time with. Someone I can share
thoughts, feelings, and experiences with. Someone to exchange words, smiles, and share what I have to
offer. Someone I can be there for, listen to, and support when it's needed. Someone to be there for me
now and then, and of course someone to anticipate getting letters from!!
I am a loyal and -trustworthy man who cherishes friendships and relationships, strives on honesty, and
keeping an open heart. I am single, although I have a teenage daughter. She lives in Colorado with her
mother. We are very close ( well, as close as you can be with a teenager who lives in another state, and
thinks writing letters is a long lost ancient language she's never heard of HA! HA!)
I do all i can to stay close to her.
I love to laugh and write letters. I draw a little, read, watch (probably to much) TV, and constantly listen to
music. I go to college through the mail, workout daily to stay healthy, and research and plan on how to
have a successful, productive life once I'm done with this time. I improve on myself anyway I can. I've
learned immeasurably from this, and keep moving forward. I gotta "do" the time, I refuse to waste it.
I am disappointed in the decisions I made that got me here. However, I don't let it get me down.
I am the only one to blame for the mistakes I've made, so I own them. Of course I regret leading myself
down this path, but I am not ashamed to answer anything you would want to know about me.
As I mentioned, they limit the number of words I can use, so again anything you;d like to know- just ask!
I hope that I've caught your interest enough to hear from you! I look forward to it! Everyone can use a
good friend or companion. Who knows, maybe we can start a valuable friendship or relationship.

                                                                                                      Shawn Goldsmith #155732
                                                                                                      ASPC- Lewis Rast Max
                                                                                                      PO Box 3600
                                                                                                      Buckeye, AZ 85326

RELEASE DATE- 2021-2022
DATE OF BIRTH- 08-10-79
AD STARTED-  09-02-17
AD STARTED- 02-03-22