Friends 'Til The End
Robert Taylor
Greeting to you. My name is Robert. I'm a handsome man, tall, chocolately delicious
with a optimistic mindset, and a funny sense of humor. I love to laugh!
One day I came home, unlocked the door, went upstairs to undress for a shower and
as I approached the bedroom, what do you know? I catch my wife in bed with a woman.
I stood there in a shock of surprise. My wife says to me, you see this lavish house? She
pays the mortgage . The nice car you drive? She pays the car note. I stood there for a
minute looking at both of them, then I said "Oh" well, let's hurry up and get her in bed
and covered up! We don't want her to catch a cold!!!
I'm seeking to correspond with people who would be real enthusiastic in corresponding
with me through mind stimulating letter writing. I understand for a true friendship to
become successful it must be built on a foundation based on honesty and compassion.
My focus is to earn the right of getting a chance to know as much as your willing to
reveal to me about you. The inner person you are? Then my spiritual purity of
intentions will specifically be making you feel comfortable and most secure to trust me,
and understand as much as you wish to know about me and my walk of life journey!
Who I am presently; a spiritual believer, and humble man. Life is a book of pages of
stories to be told. Hope you are curious and interested enough and would love to read
my pages?? I love to exercise, I'm in good shape and have a nice muscular body
physique. I would like to be a professional trainer one day. I love to write letters, read
books and magazines of all different subjects regarding world history, philosophy
cultures and economics, entertainment wise  comedy books, romance novels, thrillers,
horror and true crime books. I'm a man curious of all world life and love to converse on
all different subjects of things happening throughout our world. All the diversities we
bring about. But then how we ultimately stand strong together as human beings
through all the different diversities because we're all the same created by God. We
agree to disagree in many different world views while the world is changing, evolving
fast in front of our eyes. We continue to grow, open up our minds, and journey through
world life. Many different nationalities are now more mingling together in these modern
times. Enjoying life to the fullest in a liberations fashion. That's pure beauty!
Well, I hope you'll reach out and become a friend of mine. I'm lonely and been deprived
of the social world long enough. So, I hope I hear from many people around the world!

                                                                               Robert Taylor #K18376
                                                                               C.S.P/ SAC
                                                                               PO Box 290066
                                                                               Represa, CA 95671

DATE OF BIRTH- 12-26-76
AD STARTED-  04-10-17
AD EXPIRES-   04-10-19