Friends 'Til The End
Lindsey Criss

Salutations! My name is Lindsey. I am a playful, loving, and consistent woman who is open-minded
and has a vast imagination. I'm dedicated to all I put my mind to. I have enthusiastic dreams for my
future, and the ambition to see them come true. I can relate to almost anyone because of the
versatile life I've lived, and the unique personality I have.
I crave a secure and lasting bond with a man or woman that is both a friend and partner. Yet given
this challenging and tragic time I find myself to be a bit relationship shy. I am looking for someone
with a generous disposition and intelligent conversation to compliment my multifascetted personality.
I enjoy cuddling up and watching cult classic movies, cooking, camping, and swimming, but my
greatest passion is music. I truly believe that if there wasn't a beat in my head, there wouldn't be a
beat in my heart. My hobbies include writing poetry and art. I have posted a recent original piece of
my art work for your viewing. How would meeting me benefit you? Well, you will definitely gain an
authentic relationship where you are respected, appreciated, and acknowledged. So, allow me the
chance to be what you've been looking for!

                                                                                                    Lindsey Criss #16501026
                                                                                                    Coffee Creek Corr. Center
                                                                                                    24499 SW Grahams Ferry Rd
                                                                                                    Wilsonville, OR 97070

RELEASE DATE- 12-27-33
DATE OF BIRTH- 12-23-85
AD STARTED-  01-01-16
AD EXPIRES-   12-27-33