Friends 'Til The End
Kahealani Balagan
I'm born and raised in Hawaii. I'm Hawaiian & Spanish, 5'3", 135 lbs.,
green eyes. I've been down for 6 years, not much longer to go. While
Incarcerated I've completed many self betterment classes, graduated-
got my GED, completed one art vocation, and waiting now to be placed
in a Graphic Design vocational class. On my free time, I love to draw. It's
my passion and self expression. I'm told I'm quite amazing, I know I have
a natural talent- that could be said in more areas than one.
As for my circumstance, I hate I'm here resulting in my choices, but
grateful all at the same time. I'm alive, that alone is more than I can say.
Through this time I've realized you only have one life to life, you can't
change your past, but you can prepare for your future. Not everyone
has a second chance. I'm determined to live life to the fullest, and work
hard to get where I want to be.
Now, tell me about yourself?

                                                             Kahealani Balagan #154880
                                                             LCI (Lowell Annex)
                                                            11120 NW Gainesville Rd
                                                            Ocala, FL 34482

RELEASE DATE- 11-21-20
DATE OF BIRTH- 08-06-83
AD STARTED- 06-30-16
AD EXPIRES-  06-30-17