Friends 'Til The End
Jose Cerrato
What's good everybody? Thanks for checking out my ad. I am from Houston,TX,
currently locked up serving a 10 year sentence. I will be home soon one day. A
minor setback for a major come back thats the way I look at things- making the
best out of my situation and not dwelling on my past mistakes, but learning from
them. Striving for success, I won't settle for less. Nobody is perfect but If I dedicate
myself to anything I try to be the best at it. Going through hard times I experienced
crazy situations that lead up to the story of my life. If interested ask and I will be
honest. I have no regrets. To whoever is looking at my ad, I don't discriminate or
judge no one. I'm a open-minded person who loves to meet new people. I am very
understanding who can relate to a lot. I will listen to whatever is in your mind, give
advice, but at the end of the day, I am going to keep it real, be straight forward on
how I view things and feel about them. I don't sugar coat or beat around the bush.
Hate it or love it, that's just how I am. It's hard for me to just trust anybody but I try
to give them the benefit of the doubt. Loyalty means a lot to me. I am the type of
person you can always depend on, so I expect that in return.
When it comes to friends, I try to keep a small circle because we all know the ups
and downs. I ain't got time for all that drama. I am a cool, calm, collective, easy
going person who loves to smile and laugh, and can keep a good conversation
going. I've never been shy. Be free, ask me anything you want. Surprise me!
I am 5'6", with a lot of tattoos! I lost count. I can tattoo and draw real good. With all
that said, feel free to contact and find out more about me. Trust me, It will be worth
your time no matter who you are, where you are, or what you've been through. I
am here so let's get to know each other.  By the way, since you see my pictures, It
would be nice to see who you are. Don't be Shy. Take care.

                                                                            Jose Cerrato #01985606
                                                                            Coffield Unit
                                                                            2661 FM 2054
                                                                            Tennessee Colony, TX 75884

RELEASE DATE- 2019-2024
DATE OF BIRTH- 01-12-93
AD STARTED- 01-01-16
AD EXPIRES-  08-01-24