Friends 'Til The End
Javier Gonzales
Hi, my name is Javier I'm 33 years of age.

Yes, I am currently incarcerated at the moment. However my
circumstance does not define who or what I've become today. I consider
myself to be an understanding individual, a good listener, one who
enjoys the company of genuine people.

I have a great passion for art. It is my escape although I often tend to
lean more toward all my positive qualities, I am still very flawed, luck nor
chance has never been a belief of mine. But only fate as well as
destiny. Those predetermined minded of events in life that are bound to
happen in the future.

So as fate may have it I continue to write all I ask is that whomever does
take a glance at this profile, they allow me a moment of their time.
Simply because time is a person single most important gift we can give
to a person. In doing so the person is giving a portion of their life.
Something they'll never get back.

I'm looking for someone to  converse with. I hope to hear from you soon.

                                                           Javier Gonzales #141403
                                                           PO Box 6000
                                                           Sterling, CO 80751

RELEASE DATE- 2018-2022
DATE OF BIRTH- 03-31-83
AD STARTED-  04-10-16
AD EXPIRES-   04-10-18