Friends 'Til The End
Gary Fisher
Hello, I'm 5'9", blonde hair, blue eyes, and weigh 180 lbs. Unfortunately I am serving
a 50 year sentence, and one of the reasons I'm seeking a friend with a pen.
Even though I'm incarcerated, I have many goals and ambitions. One of my goals is
to surround myself with positive individuals who can inspire me to keep a smile on
my face. It is by God's grace that there are people like you who can give me
encouragement and hope, which allows me to know that the hard work I do for
change isn't for nothing.
Hopefully, this is the beginning of a great and lasting friendship and I'm so very
grateful for your compassion. I say compassion because it takes that to reach out to
someone in my situation, and that is truly a testament to you. It is only with gratitude
that life makes us rich and we can go a lot further together than I can alone.
In closing, I respectfully thank you for taking the time to read this brief profile. Surely
I have more to share and look forward to that opportunity. Until then, God Bless.

                                                                                          Gary Fisher #01717940
                                                                                          Stiles Unit
                                                                                          3060 FM 3514
                                                                                          Beaumont, TX 77705

RELEASE DATE- 2035-2060
DATE OF BIRTH- 02-06-65
AD STARTED- 02-08-17
AD EXPIRES-  02-08-20