Friends 'Til The End
Eric Ventress
Dear Readers, How are you? My name is Eric. I've been incarcerated for 12 years. I'm
from Bellingham, WA by way of Louisiana. I love reading, the outdoors, to travel, and I
like meeting new people. What I'm hoping to find with this pen pal service is just that-
friends. I'm nearing the end of my sentence, and I'll be out this year. I'm sure I'll find what
I'm looking for. This gives me a final chance to take a look from the position I'm currently
in, cause if you're on this site I can clearly see that you are a person of understanding of
the things I've gone through before entering back into the real world "society".
So, tell me about yourself. I do not have kids. Kids are ok i just don't have any. If you do,
then it's not a deal breaker. I hope to make a few of my own one day, but for now I just
want to re-establish myself. I'll keep my introduction short. I don't want readers to lose
focus. I can use 200 words, but I'll opt not to. Just remember the underlying message is
I'm a good man, looking for good female friends. Just people to chat with,possibly have
coffee with, and go to the gym and work out. I hope this ad finds you with a smile on your
face and in your heart as well.
You can also contact me through Just use my name and ID number.

                                                                                Eric Ventress #302982
                                                                                WSP-MSU- Unit 10-E-5
                                                                                1313 N 13th Ave
                                                                                Walla Walla, WA 99362

RELEASE DATE- 09-10-17
DATE OF BIRTH- 11-08-75
AD STARTED-  02-17-17
AD EXPIRES-   09-10-17