Friends 'Til The End
Emmanuel Slagle
What's Up?! My name is Emmanuel, but my friends call me "Manny" for
short. I'm a cool and fun dude to be around and kick it with. I'm an
honest, caring, loyal, and optimistic person. I try to make the most out of
every moment and have fun. Life is to short to be wasting precious time.
Being that I'm incarcerated, it plays a big role on limiting my social
world. I can't just go out and meet new people and mingle at will, so
social networking is my only outlet. I enjoy meeting new people and
building long lasting friendships and relationships. Everybody need
somebody, right?
I ain't here looking for love, but I ain't running from it either. So who
knows....Right now I'm just looking for somebody thats cool and I can
kick it with. These cell blocks get lonely sometimes, and I wouldn't mind
having a friend with a listening ear to talk to , or being a listening ear for
a friend.I enjoy company of all woman, just keep it real and fresh with
me, and Ima do the same with you . Be a friend to me, and I'm going to
be a friend to you.
I enjoy good conversation, reading, writing, working out, and listen to
music to pass the time. I'm real family oriented, and love chasing a
laugh or two. I'm very driven and ambitious, and strive for the things I
want in life. My primary goal is to be a successful business man
someday. Well, I shared my thoughts. If you like what you read, get at
me- even if it's just to say hi.  Love is life, Life is love. Protect them both.

                                                        Emmanuel Slagle #591-119
                                                        PO Box 1436
                                                        Youngstown, OH 44505

RELEASE DATE- 2019-2025
DATE OF BIRTH- 04-24-87
AD STARTED- 03-04-14
AD EXPIRES-   03-04-16