Please read in full before e-mailing a prisoner:

Thank you for your interest in e-mailing a prisoner.  We will print and send your first message as long as you include
a physical return address where the prisoner can write you back. Please be sure to read the following information in
full before you send your first message.

We will only forward your first message. If you already know the prisoner, please write them directly. A return
postal address must be enclosed or the email will be discarded. Inmates do not have email access.

These messages are printed and sent daily.

When writing a prisoner, please include a little about yourself. For example, we will discard all messages that don't
have a message. e.g. - nothing more than an address. Tell them a little about you so they feel they have something to
reply to.

Good Luck!! And Thanks For Your Support!
Friends 'Til The End Customer Service