Friends 'Til The End
Edwin Parker
Hi! How are you feeling? Hopefully all is well with you, and I am
grateful that you have taken the time to read my ad. Are you the
kind of person in search of someone with an amazing personality,
great sense of humor, honest, and straight forward?
Maybe you desire to develop a fun loving relationship with a man
who knows what he wants. If so, you have definitely chosen to
browse through the right ad!
My name is Edwin Parker and I am from Atlanta, GA. I am 5'6",
164 lbs., black, with a light brown complexion. I enjoy reading,
playing handball, exercising, and watching movies. While serving
time, I have done things to use my time wisely for the betterment
of self. I have participated in programs such as Culinary Arts, and
Small Appliance, which I have obtained my apprenticeship. I am
currently enrolled in Spanish courses and interested in taking
college courses for Physiology in the future.
Well, that's about it for now. For whomever should choose to
respond to my ad, I will be most appreciative, grateful, and I look
forward to the development of a meaningful relationship.

                                                   Edwin Parker #57536-019
                                                   FCI- Edgefield
                                                   PO Box 725
                                                   Edgefield, SC 29824

RELEASE DATE- 12-26-28
DATE OF BIRTH- 10-04-69
AD STARTED- 03-04-14
AD EXPIRES-   03-04-17