Friends 'Til The End
Derrick Smith  
Hi,I’m Derrick, 43-years-old and out of Detroit. I got to prison in 2008 for a crime
that I did not commit.  I have worked hard to become a better man while inside and I
believe that I have done just that.  I work out hard, stay in shape and I do like being
in shape.  I am fun, a good listener and I love to talk.  I am looking to begin a
relationship, get to know a woman for who she is and then, one day, get married;
that is what I am looking for in life. What are you looking for in life?  If you would like
to get in touch with me, you can connect with me on JPay and send me an email or,
you can write me a letter at my address.
So, that is what I am looking for in life, to be able to get out of here and have a life
with a good woman and just be able to take care of each other, and MAKE NEW
FRIENDS!  That is very important as well because then we could learn more about
each other as we go.  I believe that I know what life is about so far, family, work,
church, home and BEING A GOOD MAN.
So, if you’re looking for a man who has grown to learn what having values and
principles are, then why don’t you write me and just share anything you want with
me.  I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.  I have written what is in my heart and
where I am at in life right now, hopefully you can appreciate that.
I hope to hear from you soon, until then, bye for now.

                                                                              Derrick Smith #267009
                                                                              Kinross Corr. Facility- F-2-68
                                                                              4533 W Industrial Park Dr
                                                                              Kincheloe, MI 49786

RELEASE DATE- 03-21-20
DATE OF BIRTH- 11-01-72
AD STARTED- 01-01-16
AD EXPIRES-  03-21-20