Friends 'Til The End
Curtis "Speed" Hall
Hello, my name is Speed.

I am black. I am a Licpro Golden glove boxer 2 time winner and also Lic Pro drag racer for bikes and cars, yes I
race out law Harley Davidson's. I am from Houston, Texas where the gangsters roll candy toys in 5th ward. I own
a cool 6 bedroom home in Houston, Texas. I am 6'1", 180 lbs., bro eye's bo legger rock hard 8 pack ab's. I work
out 6 days a week, 500 push-ups, 500 sit ups so I will be ready to box, race and ride when I hit Houston, Texas
12-28-18. But I now race, box and ride for the Lord. So, please do not go bad on me please?
My name is Speed and I build East Coast Harley-Davidson choppers and I like you to have a picture of my black
Harley-Davidson chopper and I ask you pen pal what color should I paint it?
Pen Pal I got some cool news you can use ready on 4. "Star" yes that's your new nickname "Star" I hope you like
it pen pal because you should be a in Hollywood because you are my new superstar Candy girl.
I just won a big lawsuit so I am now a cool "Rich" outlaw biker for the Lord and me and God pick you to share my
big blessing with. Pen Pal I just want to bless you and 3D and love you and 3D the way God have loved me feel
me? Pen Pal real talk.
You can hit me up on YouTube and see me pro boxing and dragracing outlaw, funny cars and Tix out outlaw
Harley Davidson bikes at top speeds at 328 m.p.h. Now that's speed huh? What can I say I do have a need for
speed Ha Ha Ha.
I have 2 cool tix out east coast Harley-Davidson choppers one candy wet black one candy wet red. I have a cool
1982 4-speed T-top Vett it's candy blue. I have a cool tix out 4-speed wet candy black T-top Trans Am yes the
one and only the Smokey and the bandit and yes all my candy toys. So, so, so, superfast and yes they all r built
for speed. See my manager and sponsor and personal trainer needs to keep up on me. I would love for you to
come to Houston, Texas to see me box and race?
Can you cook? I would love to take you for a cool ride on my Harley. I will let you drive my Vett or T/A. You will
love the power. I will show you how to ride my bike?
Pen Pal when you are driving your car and you see the speed limit sign please think about your new outlaw biker
homeboy Speed because you and my $ money$ will be on my mind and till I see you "face to face" 12-28-18.
Yes, me and my bike and God loves you 4 life and give you lots and lots and lots of $ money$. So don't trip God
blessed me like that real talk.
I want to buy you a real cool "Vett" or a cool "bike. Yes you can pick it and I will buy it okay. It's your call? Yes, I
am as real as they come. Yes I walk the walk and talk the talk. No I do not have no girl and my life my wife went
bad on me when I got this here TDC time but life goes on right? But I will let you see me in action. My new job is
to give you lots and lots of $ money$ that's what God and me want to do is to see your sexy smile :-) and keep
you happy and yes I love my new job. God have gave me to show you God love. God got you and mark my word
that the best is yet to come, Amen. Do you know where I can rent a home that don't care about a cool tix out
Harley-Davidson with outlaw super loud pipes. Yes you can hear my bikes for 12 miles down the road.
I don't kiss and tell so keep our business 'one" on one. Yes me and you. All I need is one down by law G-girl on
my new team like I need "air" because our business is not show business, right? Because I will never go bad on
you.. I am down with the old school rules.
That's how I roll. All I ask loyalty, no more no less just keep the game VIP feel me?
Here is a picture of me & my bike. I will call you on the 12-28-18 so keep me in your sexy mind. God got me in
your back just like AC/DC back and black so stay down for speed and God til 12-28-18 Bet? Always bet on black.
Pen Pal  I am down with you and God good or bad right or wrong I will be on side 4 life?

                                                                                                               Curtis Speed Hall #01929662
                                                                                                               Stiles Unit
                                                                                                               3060 FM 3514
                                                                                                               Beaumont, TX 77705

DATE OF BIRTH- 05-28-65
AD STARTED- 06-30-16
AD EXPIRES-  12-28-18