Friends 'Til The End
Brian Jones
Hello! I'm seeking a friend and female companion, race and weight is
not a problem. I'm very close to being released from prison. I don't
have a place or family to go home to, so I may end up in a shelter
home for parole, at least until I get back on my feet. I am a loving,
caring, good hearted man. I'm God loving, God fearing. I like old school
music, love lifting weights, and reading.
I was born in the westside of Chicago. I grew up in a ruff hood, and
ended up in prison for a crime I had nothing to do with. But seeing how
black men mostly always get the bad end of the stick, I was dealt a bad
hand and I've served this hard time.
I refuse to be bitter and mad at the people who framed me. I have no
time to waste on them. It's time for me to be released and to move on
with my life. Thank God I have made it this far.
I'm not good at putting this ad together, so please bare with me. I'll just
keep it simple and ask you to take a chance to get to know me.
Become my friend at this time in my life. I am very scared because I
don't know what awaits me on the other side of these walls. Everything
has changed. I've been locked away 23 years now, and in 6 months I'll
be a free man :)
I don't have family that cares about me, even with them knowing I'm
innocent and wrongfully convicted. Nobody stood in my corner. I only
have God- My Lord and Savior. So, I'll continue to trust God and follow
his path. I just pray I have a friend and companion on my side.
So, I leave you with these thoughts. You stand in your own light. It's up
to you to make it shine. Nobody else will help you. I invite you my friend
to be my friend and help me make our light shine together!

                                                                           Brian Jones #B-57502
                                                                           Stateville Corr. Center
                                                                           PO Box 112
                                                                           Joliet, IL 60434

RELEASE DATE- 02-24-17
DATE OF BIRTH- 02-08-67
AD STARTED-  10-20-16
AD EXPIRES-   02-24-17