Friends 'Til The End
Billy Soto
Hello. How is everyone doing? My name is Billy. I hope all is well. I am
going to let you know some things about me, and which my days consist
of. I workout 5 days of the week to occupy my mind. I read, and I watch
my TV. I draw when theres absolutely nothing else to do.
I'm looking for something rare to be completely honest. Someone I can
grow to trust, who is honest and loyal. I acknowledge nothing is just given
whether it's a friend, or somebody I can form some type of relationship
with, to advise, even business. I am very ambitious. I'm self dependent. I
love to laugh. I enjoy working, and I have a real good time dancing. I love
music, I'm open-minded. Most important I enjoy making my family feel
safe in any which kind of way I can. Truth of the matter is, that's what got
me here. I loved buying for my family and myself, and made some choices
in life that I pay for everyday-  now I barely even hear from my family.
That's life I guess.  Age is no problem, and I hope to hear from you soon.

                                                                   Billy Soto #168254
                                                                   Sterling Corr. Facility
                                                                   PO Box 6000
                                                                   Sterling, CO 80751

RELEASE DATE- 2017-2020
DATE OF BIRTH- 01-04-91
AD STARTED- 12-30-15
AD EXPIRES-   12-30-17