Friends 'Til The End
Anthony Gardner
Hopefully this introduction finds you fully prepared to experience what comes with
exploring the levels of "realness".
I'm most definitely qualified to regarding giving you the time, attention, effort, and
consideration it takes when pursuing something as special as friendship.  To be
completely honest, I'm just a laid back, cool, down to earth person, who is direct and
straight forward. I understand that life can be time consuming, so I'm not trying to
force anyone into any commitments. I'd just like the opportunity to assess the
patterns of your mind, examine your heart, and see if we're compatible intellectually
because I feel like intelligence is the key to attraction.
I'm not bias against anyone so you can be any nationality, shape, size, color or
whatever. I'm interested in connecting with "women". I'm not saying I'm judgemental
against anyone's menues, but I personally have a natural preference that isn't
going to change no matter what my circumstances are. Ya feel me? LOL.
It's a fact that I can make you smile, think deeply, feel appreciated, and understand
your worth, If you allow us the chance to become familiar with each other. I'm a
great listener, and I have a million stories to keep you entertained with. I'm like a
movie, so you can put down your books and turn your T.V. off. Seriously, I'm open,
honest, diverse, and universal- so I can probably go anywhere if you can take me
there with you.
Please feel free to respond and ask me anything. Don't be shy or timid, cause I
wont. I'm looking forward to hearing from you whenever your schedule presents you
the leisure. Until then, Stay Real.

                                                                 Anthony Gardner #29788112
                                                                 USP- Lewisburg
                                                                 PO Box 1000
                                                                 Lewisburg, PA 17837


DATE OF BIRTH- 08-13-81
AD STARTED- 11-03-16
AD EXPIRES-  02-14-27