Friends 'Til The End
Anne Rego
I am the fun-loving, outgoing, girl next door; who has just made a couple of mistakes along the
way. I am learning from these experiences, and bettering myself at every opportunity that
presents itself.I have a wide variety of interests which include, sports, movies, camping, reading,
music and working out. I am adding new interests every day so my list is subject to change :). I
love going to comedy shows. I am convinced that laughter can brighten almost any situation.
I am looking to write positive people. Your age, race or sex is not important to me. I believe we
can mutually brighten each other's day. I also hope that some of these friendships can continue
when I am released. I am open to the possibility of them developing into something more
serious. It's funny not many people even write letters anymore, so I feel I am helping US postal
system stay afloat. I love to write letters and to get to know people on a personal level.
I am a Gemini and a very big people person. This state supported vacation allows me the time to
do this. I will write all who write me.I look forward to hearing from you, take a chance and pick up
your pen you won't be disappointed. Have a wonderful day.

                                                                                        Anne Rego #R-37677
                                                                                        Decatur CC                      
                                                                                        PO Box 3066
                                                                                        Decatur, IL 62524

RELEASE DATE- 10-06-17
DATE OF BIRTH- 06-10-75
AD STARTED- 01-01-16
AD EXPIRES-  10-06-17