Welcome to Friends 'Til The End.com. Lonely men and women prisoners
are turning to us in hopes  to find friendship outside of prison walls. The
people you are about to meet on this site range widely – in age, where they  
“live,” and more importantly, why they are in jail.  But one thing they all have
in common is loneliness and the desire for friendship.  

Hundreds of forgotten men and women in prison at federal/state
penitentiaries, county jails and correctional facilities, are desperately hoping
for correspondence that may lead to friendship, romance, or legal help.
Also, we will let you e-mail your first message along with a return address.
We will print and send them directly to the inmates, saving you the cost of
postage. All we ask is that you tell the inmate where you saw his/her ad.

Many of these men and women prisoners behind bars never get letters and
spend as many as 23 hours a day in their cell. Some await execution on
death row. A pen-pal may be the only relationship they have.

These are lonely, forgotten people who have lost so much – friends, family,
freedom. That hopeful transition to a better life, a productive life, can be
positively influenced by your kindness and compassion when you offer
words of encouragement in a simple card or letter. Over and over again, we
hear from them that they are seeking a positive influence in their lives -
someone to look up to and be encouraged by.  Your card or letter may
seem a small, insignificant thing to you, but to those who never hear their
name at mail call, your words can make all the difference.

These incarcerated female and male inmates are paying a price for crimes
they have committed. After all,  these individuals are human beings, have
feelings, and want to straighten out their lives!  

Let's give them a reason to hope for a better future.

Everyone Needs A "Friend 'Til The End"       

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